Suddenly i feel my life here in Segamat is getting better . Actually bukan senang nak lupakan Morocco, sangat susah. From the bottom of my heart, i still miss those moments there :( . Maybe org lain tgok aku macam biasa je. Even my family didn't know that i reaaaallly wanna be there, if i have a chance. Ya God knows how regretful i am. He knows. Growing up, i realised that it was the biggest mistake i've mad. Sometimes i wake up in the morning, full of tears rolling down my face, because i had a dream. I saw myself wearing my thick black jacket walking to the university with my friends. During the lectures, i spend most of the time searching words in my Arabic-English dictionary and taking pictures. At noon, my friends and i will go to Hajj Ibrahim's stall to buy some food. After class, we'll go to the mosque near our house to pray, wearing Djellaba Magharibah (Moroccan traditional wear). I used to do all that. :(

But hey! As i mentioned earlier, Segamat life is pretty awesome :D . I have many cool friends as well as not-so-cool friends. But i dont mind. I love them all. Ada yang suka doraemon, ada yg jadi exco tu exco ni, ada yg cakap dia gemuk padahal ubat nip aku lagi gemuk dari kau! . I love them. All of them. :)

It's good to see manusia berlumba lumba mengejar kejayaan. ( ayat apa ni? ). I mean, people here have their own goals. This kind of race is healthy and important because university is the place for students to explore their abilities and weaknesses.

Ketika mula-mula menjejakkan kaki di Uitm ni aku rasa tak bersemangat, because for me, i do not belong here, i deserve better. As time passes i started to realise that i should be thankful for having this second chance. Of course the subjects here are not as tough as what i've learned in Morocco, but hey, itu ilmu jugak kan? Berguna jugak di masa hadapan :) . And Alhamdulillah i did not have problem to deal with those subjects when i was in Part 1. My pointer pon boleh tahan laa, but this sem i strive to get a better result. so u better watch out!. Hoho entah apa jadah tah.

The varieties of food here....err....err.....err....... ha okay. Basically, i just eat vegetables, pau, biscuits, daun daun, bunga,ranting-ranting pokok,..yelah vegetarian kan..sape la kita ni nak makan mahal mahal kannnn. T_T

Girls haa..aiyoo banyak susah maa cakap pasal ini topik..hmm i just wanna say one girls out there, i think boys are better than girls..and i WILL prove it! what?? what? nak debate pasal ni? langsung tarahal. ahah. But hey i do not understimate u guys, just dat in my opinion, WE are way better. ahh nevermind, i know u wont admit that. i just know. i know. dah diam. ahh merajuk, cuti la tu. tehehe.

Lecturers. They are experts in their field of studies. I can tell. Especially my BEL (English) lecturer Mr Kamalanathan. Whoaa i admire him very much. No, he doesn't look like Angelina Jolie. Dude, he's a guy. =.=' . I like the way he talk. His words of wisdom. I know he is a very experienced man. Dude, i don't admire someone easily. The people i admire must be reaaaally unique and gifted with talents. And luckily he's included in my list. Ahh ya, Katy Perry is still number one. teett tededttetet teetttt pom panng pang krap nyai thaii. dah aiman. dah.

I don't care la weyy kalau kau nak makan daging!! sorry... i don't care whether it's Morocco or Segamat. I miss u Morocco, but sorry, i'm with Segamat now. And she's a virgin too. errr.
That's all. Byeee :)

* Celake! selipar aku hilang lagi.


  1. wow ~
    i didn't know ko pnah stdy sana..!
    org kata past is past..dan sekarang ko kat SEGAMAT so appreciate it..mana tau rezeki ko kat sini ke..
    btw, nice entry !! haha! *poyo tak aku.. :P

  2. haha..thanks eryn.. aku blaja sana satu semester je..5 bulan je pon..huhu

  3. aku macam nak nangis pulak baca entry kau ni. HAHAHA ;p

  4. bahaha.. elok la tu..kau manjang tersengih jee..

  5. Aimannnnnnnn. sidqi dlm gmbr tu kan? Omg you guys sama sama dkt sana? :O